We follow all guidelines from our local tourist office and the recommendations of the World Health Orgnisation and France’s Ministry of Health.


We will meet you with masks and maintain social distancing as necessary. We ask that you observe the proper social distancing protocols to minimise your contact with us.


The gite is aired fully between guest departures and arrivals.

We have a checklist of cleaning priorities which we go through on every cleaning session, starting with low-transmission areas like the bedrooms and living room before cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen.

We use suitable cleaners and disinfectants approved for use against the virus.

High touch surfaces are prioiritised, such as door handles, light switches, remote controls, bathroom and kitchen taps, utensils, etc.

All linen provided is washed at 60° and we have a rotation system to ensure linen is not used consecutively.

Pool and hot tub

The pool area is cleaned before every guest visit and loungers and any other accessories are disinfected accordingly.

Daily cleaning of the pool itself will take place and the appropriate chemicals are used in the pool to ensure it is clean and ready for your use.


On your departure, we ask that you leave the gite as clean and tidy as possible and not to worry about deep cleaning it as we will do that after you leave.


If you have any questions or comments about any of our cleaning procedures, please let us know.

Our Checklist


  • Light switches/lamps
  • Sockets
  • Door handles / window catches
  • Tables
  • Bed frames
  • Blind handles

Living Room

  • Light switches
  • Sockets
  • Door handles / window catches
  • Remote controls
  • Blind handles
  • Chair arms
  • Bannister


  • Toilet seat and flush
  • Sink taps
  • Shower/bath taps
  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Shower screen/handles


  • Light switches
  • Door handles
  • Oven surface and handles
  • Refrigerator/freezer handles
  • Sink and taps
  • All countertops
  • Sockets
  • Utensils and cutlery