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Please note: for the first time in our area, the tourist tax known as "tax de sejour" is being levied. The tax is already payable in most of France and Europe in all types of holiday accommodation from apartments to campsites to five star hotels.

For our gite, the charge is €1.10 per adult - i.e. anyone 18 years and over – per day, and is payable locally at the end of your stay. This can’t be included in our prices, as it is varies depending on the make up of your group, and we have to account for it separately to the tax man.



PLEASE NOTE: In addition to a warning triangle, hi-vis vests and beam benders for your car, it is recommended that you carry breathalysers in your car, too. While there is no penalty for not having them, recent press activity suggests that it's becoming a hot topic again - better safe than sorry!